There are hundreds of great gardening books available, and we are now offering you a few of our favorites through It started with a book of vines to grow on our trellises and arbors, but we thought customers might also be interested in other select recommendations.

In Association with Amazon.comThese books are some of the finest garden references, geared to the professional or serious gardener, and put together in a gorgeous format accessible to the novice.

Check back as we expand this page with additional recommendations.

In Association with Gardening With Climbers (List $29.95)
Christopher Grey-Wilson, Victoria Matthews
Gorgeous photos and useful descriptions for hundreds of species, with cultural information including hardiness and pruning guides. In addition to the detailed specie and cultivar descriptions, there are entire chapters devoted to clematis, climbing roses, and honeysuckles for in depth treatment of these important plants, as well as annual and conservatory climbers. This book will assist every garden designer to choose the correct climbing plant for every purpose.

The Well Tended Perennial Garder

The Well-Tended Perennial Garden (List $29.95)
Tracy Disabato-Aust
How to plan and care for perennials so that the garden can be a real showplace with a minimum of maintenance. Planning, selecting, pruning and shaping techniques as well as an extensive encyclopedia of important perennial species and cultivars with the maintenance needs of each plant explained.







Plants That Merit Attention, Volume 1 Trees (List $59.95)
Plants That Merit Attention Volume 2 Shrubs (List $59.95)
Horticultural Committee of the Garden Club of America
Janet Meakin Poor, Nancy Peterson Brewster
These two superb volumes by the Garden Club of America are excellent references designed to encourage the use of underutilized yet exceptionally garden worthy plants. Each selection (900 shrubs) includes a color photo, description, culture, landscape value, and parks and gardens where specimens can be seen.

Hardy Treees and Shrubs
Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs: An Illustrated Encyclopedia (List $69.95)
Michael A. Dirr
This is the long awaited illustrated, with Dirr's exceptional photographs, version of Michael Dirr’s famous manual of Woody Landscape Plants. The book describes the best woody plants (more than 500 species, and 700 additional cultivars and varieties) rated for hardiness zones 3 to 6, and many to zone 8. The book far exceeds the expectation of an encyclopedia with the inclusion of Dirr’s perceptive comments and entertaining opinions — “underused, overused, should be banned from use, no equal, ” The book also contains 36 tables listing plants for various attributes including size, color, fragrance, heat and drought, salt, shade, and wet soil tolerance, bark and fruit. He even includes a few select vines (woody stemmed).

Gardener's Gripe Book The Gardener’s Gripe Book: Musings, Advice and Comfort for Anyone Who Has Ever Suffered the Loss of a Petunia (List $10.95)
Abby Adams
Perennials behaving like annuals, dead and gone after just one season. Neighbors’ tomatoes that always come in a week earlier than yours. Fickleness, hard work, and ethical dilemmas (you’ve live-trapped the woodchuck — now what?). Abby Adams shares a lifetime’s obsessions with its mysterious ways.