Sycamore Creek Ordering Information
All of our pieces are individually constructed.

We specialize in custom trellises and arbors and have had excellent results working with landscape architects, designers, and gardeners.

We welcome the opportunity to customize one of our designs or fabricate one of yours.

We now offer custom built copper pergolas.
The following sketches represent various design components.

Custom NYC Balcony trellis work

The following three Trellis Panels are designed to be freestanding in a garden or attached to a wall. Pieces can be combined with connectors to create a garden screen, mixed and matched, or simply to create your own design.

Each piece measures 30" x 6'6" high and is made of various sized copper tubing.

Price per panel ($495 plus shipping).
We will supply ground rods or wall brackets for the installation of these pieces.

Designed for a long low wall. This piece led to the
inspiration of the panels above.

The following are examples of custom projects and pieces. All were designed for a specific space:

A vertical focal point in a garden.
A screen for an entrance

Custom square trellis

A grid above a doorway to frame a roofline.

An elegant backdrop for climbing roses

4th of July Special
American Flag
American Flag Trellis
45" w, shown with 4' legs
Ready to wall mount.

Custom 8 1/2' wide Arbor
Shown near our 6' wide Saratoga Arbor

Freestanding trellis Wye Oak tree
6' wide and 7' tall

Large Naturalistic Screening Trellis