Trellis Installation
Installation will vary according to site and use. Generally, trellis legs should be inserted in the ground a few inches while the upper portion of the trellis is secured several inches from a wall. We offer two options of mounting brackets (below) to secure your trellis to a wall.

Trellis Mounting Hardware
Support your trellis six inches from a wall.

Built in Trellis Brackets
Brackets must be ordered at time of trellis order. A 6" length of copper connects directly to the trellis. This is connected to a small brass flange that is screwed to the wall. Sizes can be customized. $19.95/pair ($7 s/h)

Freestanding trellises should be buried to a depth of 2 feet. A section of 1/4" galvanized pipe (3/8" outside diameter) can be inserted the length of the trellis legs (and any extensions) for added strength.

Trellis Extensions
Trellis heights can be customized with longer "legs." Available in three sizes (12", 18", or 24") if needed, for installation. $7.95 ($7 s/h)

Pot Adapter
Will adapt a trellis for use in a container. Fits onto the base of our Olana, Small Empire or Cardinal Climber Trellises and adds stability when inserted into a large pot. $18 ($7 s/h)

Arbor Installation
Installation will depend upon your site. For freestanding arbors, the legs should be secured in the ground. We offer 2 options below for assisting with this installation.

Arbor Installation Kit
Includes set of galvanized metal stakes, stainless steel screws, one 5/32 drill bit, and directions. Requires use of electric drill. This kit is included with the purchase of an arbor at no additional charge. Purchased individually $18 ($7 s/h)

Arbor Leg Extensions
Set of 18" copper pipe w/couplings. $25 ($7 s/h)

Verdigris Patina
Our fully assembled trellises are treated with a chemical formula to bring out a natural verdigris patina that may otherwise take years to develop. Please let us know if you prefer to have your arbor or trellis left untreated. Our kits do not contain this patina, but we do offer this formula for sale separately.

Verdigris Patina Formula $9.95 ($7 s/h)