Styled after our signature designs, and named for some of our favorite vines — Sycamore Creek introduces SycamoreKits. Each of these unique designs is available fully assembled with a natural verdigris patina, just like our other trellises, or in pre-cut build-your-own kit form.

Our kits contain everything required to create your own professional quality garden structure.

Kits include detailed illustrated instructions, precision cut copper piping, fittings, and a specially formulated retaining compound (no solder or welding required).

Look for this logo throughout the site, it indicates that a design is available as build-your-own or assembled.

Morning Glory
28" x 88"
$295 ($50 s/h)
$219 ($32 s/h)
Classic design with an added zinc finial.

30" x 92"
$230 ($42 s/h)
$159 ($32 s/h)
Design has a strong architectural form,
use it alone or combine it with others.

60" x 84"
$425 ($179 s/h)
$279 ($32 s/h) We’ve come up with a great new design that stands on its own.

Cardinal Climber
Small 14" x 78"
$192 ($35 s/h)
$155 ($28 s/h)
Large 18" x 96"
$239 ($45 s/h)
$179 ($32 s/h)
Inspired by pillars, columns, and mission designs.

Scarlet Runner
30" x 90"
$379 ($55 s/h)
$270 ($39 s/h)
The Scarlet Runner is named for a favorite ornamental, edible bean.

Sweet Pea
16.5" x 82"
$235 ($39 s/h)
$179 ($30 s/h)
This lovely small arched trellis will compliment any setting.

Canary Creeper
16.5" x 87"
$189 ($35 s/h)
$162 ($28 s/h)
Designed for those who have a narrow space.
Classic Arch Arbor
48" W x 20" D x 106" H
$695 ($79 s/h)
$375 ($60 s/h)
What better way is there to add charm and grace to a lovely garden than by adding an entry arbor? It will enhance an entry or pathway by providing a focal point and drawing the eye. It is also an elegant support for vines and climbers.