Sycamore Creek Trellises
With Sycamore Creek’s garden structures you can create a mood; build vertical elements; add seasonal interest; and provide support for climbers, trailers, roses and more.

Our designs reflect years of gardening and design experience, resulting in pieces that work equally well with plants or on their own as attractive structural garden ornaments.

There are additional trellis designs on the following page. You can see them by using the link at the bottom of this page or go there from here.

Morning Glory
28" x 7'4"
$325 ($79 s/h)
$250($47 s/h)
Classic design with an added zinc finial.

30" x 7'8"
$260 ($79 s/h)
$195 ($47 s/h)
Design has a strong architectural form, use it alone or combine with others.

Clermont Trellis
36" x 8'
$535 ($89 s/h)
This is our tallest — sometimes bigger is better.
The Clermont
Scarlet Runner
30" x 7'6"
$435 ($75 s/h)
$315 ($45 s/h) The Scarlet Runner is named for a favorite ornamental, edible bean.
Sycamore Trellis
24" x 6'6"
$350 ($75 s/h)
The Sycamore
continues to be one of our
most popular pieces.
The Sycamore
Taghkanic Trellis
32" x 7'
$332 ($75 s/h)
Similar to our Moonflower trellis, but with captivating detail.

The Hudson Line
$1,500 + $179 s/h
The Hudson trellis combines copper’s natural beauty and durability with classic design. This popular trellis has inspired a pair of companion trellises — the Rhinebeck and the Rhinecliff. These trellises are designed to coordinate with our Hudson trellis and with each other. They can be used either individually or in various combinations. (Shown above are the Rhinecliff, Rhinebeck, Hudson, Rhinebeck, and Rhinecliff. This set of 5 trellises: $1,500 + $179s/h - save by the set)

Hudson and
2 Rhinecliff Trellises
$892 ($95 s/h)
Hudson and Rhinecliff Trellises Hudson Trellis

Hudson Trellis
32" x 7'
$472 ($79 s/h)

Rhinebeck Trellis
24" x 6'
$345 ($45 s/h)
Rhinebeck Trellis Rhinecliff Trellis Rhinecliff Trellis
16" x 5'
$225 ($39 s/h)

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